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  LED triple film viewer






Ordinary not dimmable





Knob dimmer type





Induction of the microcomputer digital dimming





Microcomputer high-brightness partition induction


Operating room concept piece light


Samples of operating room film viewer



Functions and features



Excellent selection:
  Observe the screen and optical materials using three Lingli Yang strains of Japanese-style social production of acrylic panels beyond the glass translucent and durable to ensure that no distortion, no discoloration.
Using the latest foreign technology
   The most advanced LED LCD backlight technology, professional skills can be the design of the whole thickness of 2.2 cm, easy to install, space utilization and beautiful appearance.
Reduce eye fatigue:
    Using DC power LED light source, flicker-free, wide dimming range, significantly dimming (300-5000cd /
) even if the long view, the eye is not easy to fatigue.
Light long life, no noise, energy saving:
    LED constant current source, the service life of up to 100,000 hours, is 20 times the service life of ordinary fluorescent lamps; Chen Guangyuan layout of the equidistant points, more uniform light to observe the screen brightness uniformity of greater than 90%; because LED light bar fever is extremely small, the use of more energy efficient, consuming only 1/5 of the traditional film viewer.
Excellent clip device:
    Self-locking clip device, the needle instead of the traditional shrapnel + ball device, not only durable and easy to use clip fast.
Industrial film more suitable for reading:
    More than 15 000 ° K color temperature and realistic design of natural light painting light, the lightis spread more evenly, the brightness is less than 10%, so that the film images more realistic, pleasing to the eye, more suitable for reading industrial film.
Touch of a button to adjust brightness, digital display brightness state:
   Users can be up and down two dimming of the buttons to adjust the brightness negatoscope display brightness state and operations on the drawing board, users can quickly understand the state of the brightness of the observed light in order to use the most appropriate brightness reading film.
Timing shutdown:
   MT Series Film observation lamp has been in power in 4 hours (2 hours or 8 hours), the film observed light will automatically shutdown, reboot before you can start again, press the light button on the down change to a regular time.
Auto-sensing function:
   Negatoscope inserted films and associated inserts that automatically lights up, the other part is off, remove the film automatically extinguished; avoid to insert the light of that associated staff read the films, thus ensuring the quality of film-reading


Technical parameters and specifications of the LED film viewer




Single Unit


Three linked







Product Sizemm





Visual sizemm





Light source

LED light source

LED lightsource


LED lightsource

Inductive sensors

A photoelectric sensor

Two photoelectric sensors

Three photoelectric sensors

Four photoelectric sensor

Color temperature

15000ºK More than






Power supply

220V  50\60Hz


1 hour (by the buttons to adjust the 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours)



3 Kg

5.5 Kg

8.5 Kg

11 Kg

Surface brightness

H-type2000cd/  HT-type300-3000cd/ MT-type300-4000cd/

Model comment


HSwitch (not dimmable)  HTKnob dimmer type  

MTInduction of the microcomputer digital dimming




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