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Super thin crystal film viewing lamp
Full automatic washing machine
Special processing machine
Ultrasound machine
Industrial film viewing lamp
Film sets of liquid
Industrial flaw detection apparatus
ADD: Suzhou Xiangcheng industrial director Wong Tai Ping Road 90
TEL:18015413905 18015413906

   Suzhou Jun Ze imaging equipment Limitedis a collection research and development, production, sales of medical imaging equipment in one of the professional production enterprises. Its main products are fully automatic medical washing machine, LED liquid crystal film viewing lamp, medical film observation lamp, industrial film viewing lamp, X optical film developing machine, film set of liquid. Products using imported raw materials and advanced production technology. By the relevant authority for product testing, analysis, the results showed that the product performance is superior to other similar products, and become the East China medical imaging technology exchange conference recommended products, in the domestic market enjoy a relatively high visibility.

Jun Ze companies adhere to the " quality first, reputation first, people-oriented, pioneering and innovative" in order to enhance the competitiveness of the products to obtain the sustainable development of enterprises, the company introduced the concept of internationalization of the business, in-depth implementation of the refinement of management, and actively adjust the product structure, and strive to improve production...

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Tel: 18015413905 18015413906 address: Suzhou Xiangcheng industrial director Wong Tai Ping Road 90 Copyright: Jun Ze Suzhou imaging equipment Limited professional R & D, production, sales of medical X ray film washing machine, washing machine, full automatic washing machine, washing film machine, LED medical film observation lamp, liquid crystal film viewing lamp, ultra-thin film viewing lamp industrial film viewing lamp, such as medical imaging equipment ... ...
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